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Local, organic hemp grown on our farm that has been in our family generations.

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Our family farm spans 144 acres of rolling prairie, a winding river, and whispering woodlands. These fertile soils have sustained generations with providence and purpose. Those who came before us guide our mission to continue using this gift of soil and stream to nourish more than just our family. 

We Care for Nature

Herbicide &
Pesticide - Free

We take pride in our commitment to purity and quality at Twisted River Farms. Every product is cultivated without using herbicides or pesticides. 


We meticulously hand-pick only the finest hemp flowers to capture the purest essence and highest quality of our sustainably grown hemp.


We meticulously process our hemp and CBD products using organic ethanol, ensuring a pure and potent final product without residual solvents.

Coming Soon.

Our hope is one day to welcome families robbed too soon of childhood’s joy to find their way back to wonder wandering our wooded trails. To offer caregivers, weathered bone-weary a serene retreat to ease their burdens beside our tranquil river bend. A respite for families to heal and reconnect.