Twisted River Farms

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Tea

Anything great has a story worth telling, and this is ours.

Our Mission

Our purpose is our family, and we began with the intention of making the best possible organic hemp and organic CBD Oil products to assist our daughter and family [ read more ]

Our Farm

This 145-acre family farm consists of healthy soils, old woods, and tranquil waters. It is free of modern distractions, and is the perfect spot to cultivate hemp for natural remedies, [ read more ]

Our Family

Ryan grew up in this magical place we call Twisted River Farms. As a father, husband and entrepreneur, he lives his life by one simple mantra: “Put others First.”  [ read more ]

Our Story

We use to get angry when we were told that Zuza’s cancer diagnosis will have a silver lining… [ read more ]

Who we are

We are Twisted River Farms.

We are passionate about providing the highest quality product hemp and full spectrum CBD Oil products at Twisted River Farms. In fact, we use our expertise in traditional and integrative medicine to cultivate organic plants with medicinal properties. Each step is meticulously tracked from seed selection to curing, allowing us to create products tailored to the needs of our customers, utilizing the plant’s unique terpene profile.