Welcome to Twisted River Farms

Every great thing has a story, here’s ours.

Our Mission

As a Family, our mission is to create a sustainable business model that has family values at its core… [ read more ]

Our Farm

Our Farming oasis consists of 144.307 acres of rich soils, mature woods and serene waters. The land is teaming with wildlife… [ read more ]

Our Family

Ryan is our founder and visionary at Twisted River Farms LLC. He prides himself first and foremost as a Father and Husband… [ read more ]

Our Story

We use to get angry when we were told that Zuza’s cancer diagnosis will have a silver lining… [ read more ]

Who we are

We are Twisted River Farms.

Organic cultivators of crops known for their medicinal benefits. We pride ourselves in quality over quantity in all that we grow. Every detail from researching seed genetics to drying and curing is done on our property with meticulous detail to keep our products strain specific and organic. This allows us to provide products that can target specific needs using specific terpenes unique to the genetic of the specific plant stains. We keep our operations small and humble and stay true to our beliefs of natures ability to heal.