Twisted River Farms Calming Chews




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Organic Berry, Organic Peach

Twisted River Farms Calming Chews (10 Pack) is perfect for those seeking more profound tranquility and elevated relaxation. Twisted River Farms Calming Chews feature full spectrum, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC oil, skillfully extracted using gentle, trusted CO2 methods with no harsh solvents. Each delightful Twisted River Farms Calming Chew contains 5mg of hemp-derived THC complemented by 150mg of CBD and 15mg of CBG for full entourage effect enhancement in every dose. Twisted River Farms Calming Chews come in two delicious flavors – organic berry and organic peach with a palate-pleasing fruit essence. With premium THC and supporting cannabinoids working in harmony, our chews promote a subtle yet potent calming and euphoric effect for evenings. ******** WARNING ********MUST BE 21+ • THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS PSYCHOACTIVE THC • • DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY •

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