About Us

On our organic farm we work the land responsibly, mindfully, with intelligence and with a conscience. We hold ourselves accountable for our ethical and environmental standards.

We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy

What we Believe

At Twisted River Farms, our journey is deeply rooted in the values of community, compassion, and overall well-being. Our story began with a simple intention: create a product we proudly use. Our positive feedback from our initial endeavors inspired us to transform our modest farm into a business dedicated to extending these benefits more broadly.

As our operations grow, our foundational principles guide every decision and interaction. We see our customers as an extension of our family, treating each individual with the utmost care and respect. We focus on their satisfaction and happiness rather than meeting sales targets. We take pride in offering pure, trusted CBD products, but the personal connections we forge—offering guidance, understanding, and support—truly set us apart.

What we do

We are passionate about providing the highest quality product hemp and full spectrum CBD Oil products at Twisted River Farms. In fact, we use our expertise in traditional and integrative medicine to cultivate organic plants. Each step is meticulously tracked from seed selection, to harvesting only the hemp flower and curing, allowing us to create products tailored to the needs of our customers, utilizing the plant’s unique terpene profile.

Why We Do it.

Our journey with our daughter Zuza began when she was just 3 years old, marking the start of a challenging chapter that has lasted for 8 years.

Facing such challenges head-on, we learned that traditional approaches might not fully address the unique needs of each individual. This realization led us to explore a variety of supportive measures to enhance Zuza’s wellbeing during her most demanding times.

We focused on optimizing nutrition, incorporating supplements, and embracing the benefits of nature, which brought significant positive changes during periods of recovery. Our commitment to ethically grown, potent full spectrum CBD from our land has been a source of comfort for us.

Our experience has taught us the value of a comprehensive approach that considers the entire person. Sharing our journey and the insights we’ve gained, we hope to offer other families ways to support their loved ones through their own trials. We believe that where there is love, there is hope and a light that can guide us through the darkest times.