TRF Unflavored 2800mg


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This single strain oil was created using the CBD strain Suver Haze which is known as one of the most relaxing high CBD dominant strains around. We love this strain for a relaxing calm after a hard day. It can also be used for sleep issues, headaches, pain relief, and nausea.

Suver Haze is known to be extremely aromatic and boasts a taste that is reminiscent of sour apples. The terpene profile of Suver Haze includes myrcene,,caryophyllene, and farnesene

Though our other single strains contain myrcene and caryophllene, farnesene is specific to our Suver Haze single strain oil and is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as tumor-inhibiting traits that could be helpful as an adjunct in such conditions as colon and pancreatic cancers! Farnesene also has a calming effect and may help suppress skeletal and smooth muscle spasms.

We finish this oil off with rosemary extract for its natural (yet tasteless) ability to extend the shelf life of your product and to add even more anti-inflammatory power to our oil.