Hemp Kids Natural Bubblegum flavor 1400mg


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We started with the Popular Sour Space Candy strain of CBD which is known for its delicious sweet/sour flavor and high CBD percentages. Then we added rosemary extract as an antioxidant which naturally adds rosmarinic acid, (the key compound in rosemary), which is essential for stabilizing the shelf life of your TRF full spectrum Hemp oil in the most natural way possible. We must brag that this is not universally done in the CBD industry due to cost but we at TRF feel strongly about insuring our products do not degrade over time.

As and added bonus rosmarinic acid is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and has been studied and found affective in people with Autoimmune disorders.

Sour Space Candy also contains b-Caryophyllene and a-Pinene as its major terpenes which have also been found to be a powerful anti-inflammatory, It has also been studied and found to have antifungal and anti-microbial properties. There have been published studies discussing a-Pinene and b-Caryophyllene as potential terpenes that can have positive affects on tumor growth and are thought to be effective supplements for chemotherapy treatments. Other areas studied include positive affects on memory and a-Pinene’s effects as a natural Bronchodilator in asthma.

Finally, we actually found a natural bubblegum flavoring all the way from California that we tastefully added to help our customers of all ages who may not appreciate the earthy taste of an unflavored full spectrum hemp oil. Our flavoring ratios are kid tested and kid approved!