Twisted River Farms

Our Story

We use to get angry when we were told that Zuza’s cancer diagnosis will have a silver lining. We would have taken on that diagnosis in a heart beat. Watching your child go through conventional cancer treatment TWICE – shatters you.

Even in the midst of being broken we knew that we had to do everything to save her life. Quite early in our journey it became apparent to us that we had to be part of that equation. Conventional Oncology care was not enough… it does not take into account the whole person. It did not individualize her care, it did not regard nutrition as important.

As we learned about Integrative medicine we adjusted her nutrition and detox modalities. We added key supplements her body would need to support her conventional care.

It was then that we learned about the value of the Hemp/Cannabis plant. Instead of using more pharmaceutical drugs to counter Zuza’s nausea, pain, insomnia, inflammation and emotional instability, we were able to use a natural plant – hemp. We chose full spectrum CBD oil and adjusted the dose and even strain we used according to her needs. It was amazing to see it work.

We have no doubt in our hearts that it not only kept her symptoms better but in many ways helped her on her healing journey.

The more we learned about the industry the more disheartened we became with the way many of the products were produced.

And – it just made sense.

Let’s use the FARM to grow organic hemp and make our own quality products.

Let’s use our medical background to pick the best strains and make the best products. Let’s not only grow it with the highest organic standards but let’s love the plants and sing to the plants.

Let’s make a product specifically designed for KIDS.

Let’s use our experience and knowledge to educate others on the beautiful uses of this plant.

Twisted River Farm was born and HEMP kids was created.

Zuza’s diagnoses did shatter us – but it was a beautiful shattering – because we used it to transform who we are individually and as a family.

We want to guide you – and TRANSFORM YOUR APPROACH TO HEALING.