Twisted River Farms

Our Farm

Our Farming oasis consists of 144.307 acres of rich soils, mature woods and serene waters.

The land is teaming with wildlife including generational families of deer, flocks of turkeys and sandhill cranes. The early mornings have brought sightings of both juvenile foxes playing in the dewey grass and the magnificent coyote returning from his nightly prowls.

We are greeted often by the 2 watchful adult eagles that migrate yearly to remind us spring has arrived .

The twisting Ashippun River meanders for miles through the land providing soothing sounds, and babbling waters that bring clarity to ones thoughts as you take a sit on the bridge dangling your feet above its rushing waters, daring to dream of what is yet to come.

Views of beloved Holly Hill Basilica illuminate the night sky and flood us with memories of a childhood filled with imaginary adventures, fostering curiosity and love for this land.

This Land has been in the family since the late 1950’s and has always been treated with respect and, in return, has provided abundance both by its fruits and its spirituality.

Howling winds often felt are filled with the whispers of family before us continuing their wise ways that we use to guide our decisions daily.

We have made a commitment to continue to use this land for the greater good of others, for a higher purpose that is bigger than just us.

Through growing Hemp and other sustainable crops organically we will be developing a self sustaining natural oasis with future plans to provide a healing retreat for families that have shared a similar journey through the hellfire known as childhood cancer.

This land reminds us of our daily blessings and has given us our life path of being part of others healing journey both through the medicine it will provide as well as the peace it provides to anyone willing to immerse themselves in its open arms.