Twisted River Farms

Meet the Family

Ryan Beine

Ryan is our founder and visionary at Twisted River Farms LLC

He prides himself first and foremost as a Father and Husband who believes he can be an entrepreneur of the people.

Simply put, he lives his life by one simple mantra: “Put others First.” This way of thinking has propelled his 20+ year career as a medical provider and administrative leader in Emergency Medicine. He has carried over this way of thinking with his tireless efforts on the farm to ensure all facets of the growing process stay true to the mission of providing high quality nature products to patients who seek it as an adjunct to current treatments or are interested in solely alternative nature treatments.

Throughout his career he has learned the important of patient education and understanding not only of their disease process but also on the treatments available.

“An informed educated choice gives my patients a chance to be involved in the decision making and promotes both compliance to the treatment as well as giving my patients the permission to heal”

-Ryan Beine

In 2019 he became a certified Cannabinoid prescriber by earning his international cannabinoid therapy clinical mastery certificate for cannabinoids from the International Center for Cannabis Therapy (ICCT).

He participates daily on a self-guided educational journey to keep up on new research on organic cultivation and medicinal uses of not only CBD but the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available.

At his core, he understands that we only have scratched the surface of what this remarkable plant can offer.

What makes you different from other Hemp Farmers and entrepreneurs?

I believe it is my truly personal connection and commitment to the vision for my company.
Striving for excellence on the farm from seed to product knowing that we will be providing the power of healing and relief to so many that need it. I am committed to give portions of our profits to fund our family retreat center for kiddos with Cancer on the farm. Thats my Motivation!

I can now see my daughters cancer dx and my personal struggles with PTSD after her dx not as a burden but rather as a beacon that has destined me to do this the right way and to never forget blessing in my daily life.

Dariusz Stieber

Dariusz has found that meandering, patience, and curiosity make for a lovely journey. His background is centered around teaching biological sciences to high school students and coaching volleyball teams to personal victories. He has enjoyed building friendships through music and traveling as a performer, with a passion for positive outlets and unifying experiences. Food has inspired the chemist in him and provides another way to express the love and appreciation he feels for people.

In the fields he finds an endless source of questions and answers to continually inspire learning and teaching.

Always searching for the cleanest and most cohesive way to live, hemp has allowed him to focus energy on the synergies we possess with plants and the relationships we develop with the soil.

Dagmara Beine

It wasn’t until my daughter was diagnosed with cancer that I learned about full spectrum CBD.

Having worked in Emergency medicine for 12 years, I understood the value of western medicine and how it could save my daughter’s life. However, as we moved through her treatment and recovery, I was shocked at how western medicine failed to care for Zuza as a whole person.

Part of her treatment was Chemotherapy which has many toxic effects. It was amazing for me to see how full spectrum CBD oil was able to help with many of her side effects like nausea, vomiting, anxiety, insomnia and pain. Yes there were multiple pharmaceutical drugs that can be prescribed for these side effects but those come with potential side effects of their own.

Full spectrum hemp oil was the main tool we used to prevent graft versus host disease after Zuza’s bone marrow transplant.

Using full spectrum hemp oil for our daughter through her cancer journey was my first experience with this beautiful plant.

I felt a powerful pull by the Universe to change my career and help guide other families to incorporate integrative medicine into their lives, so they could experience tremendous benefits we have.

Once I started utilizing full spectrum CBD oil in my adult and pediatric patients it was reconfirmed to me how truly magical and supportive this plant is.

For us it was cancer but for you it may be fatigue, chronic pain, eczema, migraines, IBS or hundreds of other dis-ease processes that all have a root cause. In many of my patients with different disease processes I continue to see how well full spectrum hemp oil transforms healing.

While this beautiful plant has received a lot of hype along with that comes some shady entrants into the industry just trying to make a dollar. It was the beautiful planning of the Universe that allowed us to not only have the experience of using the plant with our daughter but also my experience of using the plant with hundreds of patients successfully.

Our experience as health care providers gives us a unique and scientific insight to the many uses of full spectrum hemp extracts. We used our medical knowledge and clinical experiences to pick not just the best genetics and strains but also grow the plan with the highest organic* standards.

I feel most excited about the use of full spectrum CBD in kids. I am proud of our HEMP KIDS product line as I know it can transform a generation of kids who are the first predicted to not outlive the next generation.

I find myself using full spectrum hemp oil for my anxieties, premenstrual time and for pain. It was wonderful in its use for PTSD in my situation through our cancer journey.


Zuza’s journey is what ignited change in our lives – she is the reason you are here reading her bio. Cancer caused a beautiful shattering in all of us – including Zuza. Zuza’s journey continues as she recovers from a bone marrow transplant – full spectrum hemp oils is VERY much a big part of her recovery and healing. She is spirited and stubborn. She spends her days homeschooled with her brother Fin. Fin is a real gift to us from God at time of such uncertainty. He is kind and sensitive, and he adores his sister and gives many kisses away daily.

Both kids use full spectrum hemp oil and have been involved in helping us choose flavors for the HEMP kids line. Both kids use magic potion hemp bath salts weekly and very much enjoy Hemp tea before bed.